The City of Liverpool, located on the side of the river Mersey and within sight of the Irish Sea, has a fine and established reputation as a trading and shipping hub (indeed Liverpool, not London, uses the “L” postal code because of its historic transatlantic postal route with the US), and has undergone nothing short of a transformation over recent years.

Probably best known as the home of The Beatles (its ‘John Lennon Airport’ being testament to that), Liverpool is now a lively, multicultural hotspot of arts, sport, music and architecture.

Recognised worldwide for its rival football teams, Liverpool and Everton, Liverpool also hosts the famous ‘Grand National’ steeplechase, and was named ‘European Capital of Culture’ in 2008.

Regeneration work in recent times – focussing on the riverside areas, such as the Albert Dock – has allowed it to shine, and its world class music and arts scenes (and venues, such as the Tate Liverpool gallery) attract over 30 million visitors to the city, every year.

Our office is located in one of the city’s most iconic buildings – the Port of Liverpool Building, part of the ‘Three Graces’, on the banks of the river.

Liverpool’s locals, known as Liverpudlians (or informally as ‘Scousers’), are known (fondly) for their humour and welcoming approach to visitors, and we hope that you will find an opportunity to visit us, and experience it for yourselves.

Port of Liverpool Building
Pier Head
Liverpool L3 1AF
United Kingdom


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