Birmingham is the city where it all began.

In 1884, Charles Ketley established our firm here in the West Midlands – in the UK’s second city. Birmingham – then (as now) a significant industrial presence, and at the forefront of scientific and technological advancement – was to provide the firm with solid foundations, on which was later built the sizeable and well-respected business that we now are.

Birmingham was the birthplace of one of the most important inventions in British history – the industrial steam engine – and it is still home to a number of world-renowned manufacturing companies, in the automotive, confectionery and engineering fields, to name but a few.

Over recent years, Birmingham has evolved as a vibrant city with a strong service sector, too – but its manufacturing roots (and those of its neighbouring regions, such as the Black Country) remain strong, and we are proud of our significant links to its industrial heritage.

On a cultural note, Birmingham is also home to a number of world-class institutions, including The Birmingham Royal Ballet and The City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra – and its local population, known fondly as ‘Brummies’, have a deserved reputation as some of the UK’s friendliest.

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