Utility Models

Utility Models provide the same monopoly right as a patent and can be obtained much quicker and at a lower cost than patents. They last for up to 10 years. Utility models can be obtained in several countries, including Germany.

The main difference between a patent and a utility model is that a utility model is not examined for novelty or obviousness over the prior art. It is only examined at a formalities level to ensure that the subject matter is not excluded from protection.

Compared to patents, which can take several years to be granted, German utility models are typically registered within a few months. Another key advantage of utility models is significantly lower official fees than patents.

The German patent attorneys in our Munich office are well-placed to advise you on whether an invention is likely to be protectable by a utility model and the most effective way of achieving the right level of protection.

For advice on obtaining utility models in Germany, please contact our Munich office team.