Patents are extremely valuable commercial tools.  Not only can they be used to prevent others from selling, making or importing an invention without the owner’s permission, but they can also be used as leverage in business negotiations.  In certain circumstances, patents can even be utilised to secure reduced rates in UK Corporation Tax.

Patents protect technical developments, such as the way in which something works, what it is made of, how it is made or perhaps even how it is used.

Drafting and prosecution

Before starting the patent process we can carry out a variety of different searches to establish potential barriers to securing patent protection.

We can advise you on whether an invention is patentable and, if so, to what extent. This can set expectations and can also help you reach an informed decision about whether or not incurring the cost of patent protection is appropriate for a given idea.

We have comprehensive experience in drafting patent applications for prosecution in Europe, including the UK and Germany, and worldwide.  Outside Europe we collaborate with a network of associates who have established track-records of getting applications granted. We are the first choice for many clients worldwide to handle complex European cases because we have a very high success rate. Our success is due to our commercial viewpoint, innovative approach, and detailed understanding of European examiner procedures and thinking.

Our broad range of technical expertise means that, whatever your area of technology, we will be able to give you sensible and practical advice in a language you’ll understand.


Our team of European, UK and German patent attorneys is experienced in representing clients during opposition proceedings, both on behalf of the opponent and the patentee before the German and European patent offices. We are therefore well placed to assist you in defending your patents from opposition, as well as attacking your competitors’ patents.

Where IP infringements arise, or conflict with a competitor appears unavoidable, we routinely work with teams of expert IP litigators to defend our clients’ rights. We have great experience in instructing specialist litigators in pre-action strategy, through to court action where required.

European Unitary Patents

The Unitary Patent (UP) will provide a pan-European right effective in 17 EU Member States when it comes into force on 1 June 2023 and will be litigated in the new Unitary Patent Court.  We can provide all the assistance you will need to navigate this new system. 

Our guide to the UP and Unified Patent Court (UPC) is a good place to learn the basics about the new European patent system.

Please contact your usual Forresters attorney or Jack Gunning for advice in relation to the UP and UPC.


Forresters has an experienced renewals team that can handle payment of renewal fees for your patents and trade marks. Using our renewals service ensures that you will benefit from having a single reliable point of contact for all your IP matters.