Econpro Group

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Our products are the example of what modern construction can be and should be – environmentally responsible. By contributing some 40% of UK’s carbon emissions, the built environment has a long way to go, but we hope our green solutions demonstrate a low carbon industry is possible. We are grateful to Forresters for over 20 years of support and expertise on patent protection for our products, and are looking forward to many more.

Phil Sutton, Founder of Econpro

Invertek Drives Ltd.

Invertek design and manufacture variable speed drives: it’s what we put all our effort into and we hope that it shows. Forresters do the same for IP; we think it shows. Dan Rusby-Gale and the “brains-on-wheels” team grasp technical ideas quickly and spot related opportunities. Well-written patents using an intelligently cost-effective worldwide IP strategy is the result. Reassuringly knowledgeable and effective.

Edd Rayner, Innovations Project Manager at Invertek Drives Ltd.

Boom Radio

Forresters were brilliant and did everything to register the name and kept us updated throughout the application process. Our applications passed the opposition deadline three days before the station launched. This meant we could relax knowing that no one had come out of the woodwork, raising any objections.



Phil Riley, CEO, Boom Radio


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I always say to people that when they have a good idea they need to look at how they can protect it.

When the StairSteady developed we knew we needed help from the experts, which is when we contacted Forresters. They gave us the guidance we needed to be able to manufacture the product in the UK and abroad. It is now available in the USA, Australia and Europe.



Ruth Amos – Entrepreneur & Inventor – StairSteady

Bell Packaging

We have worked with Forresters for more than 30 years and they take care of any registrations in respect of unique names and any new products we can patent. They always do a thorough search and deal with the filing and renewing of any patents. They are very good at what they do, and their work has meant that our products are used worldwide with the necessary protection from unscrupulous copies.

Peter Lennie, Director, Bell Packaging

Atlantic Lionshare Ltd

Atlantic Lionshare

Forresters has been a pleasure to work with in obtaining our global patents and trade marks. Our technology will continuously evolve and we look forward to our long term relationship with Forresters’ talented team.

Elizabeth Martin, Atlantic Lionshare Ltd

Carbon Clean Solutions

Carbon Clean

I see carbon capture technology as a key enabler in the transition to a ‘net zero’ carbon energy future, and solid intellectual property protection is essential to achieving these goals. I am pleased to work with Forresters’ professional team and have always found them very helpful and knowledgeable in all intellectual processes for Carbon Clean Solutions Limited.

Prateek Bumb, CTO, Carbon Clean Solutions Limited

Miténgo Coffee

My message is about bringing people and nature together, we do this through great-tasting coffee, tree planting, conservation and education. Forresters helped me secure the trade mark for Miténgo Coffee, which gave me a lot of credibility when I was pitching to different businesses. I am so grateful for the help Forresters gave me, they offered me support every step of the way and there were regular follow ups so they could see how the business was progressing.

Henry Sidsaph, Founder, Miténgo Coffee

Storm Environmental

Storm has been working with Dr Mark Connell for several years, and more recently also with Dr Jagvir Purewal. We have taken advice on the filing of patent and design registration applications. In all cases, we have found that both Mark and Jag have quickly grasped the idea of what we were trying to achieve and they have taken the time to get to understand our products and industry to better assist us in our projects. Their advice on the applications has been valuable and they have been able to explain the process to us on a level we can understand.

Richard Ganley, Financial Director, Storm Environmental Ltd

Blackheath Products Ltd

Blackheath Logo

We design and commission the manufacture of decorative surface products which we distribute within the UK construction and furniture community. These products carry our own brand identities.

Janette Hamer of Forresters very quickly grasps the composition and purpose of our products and ensures an accurate search is carried out to seek a successful registration of our associated brand names.

Janette will always let us know at the earliest stage if she does not expect a brand name to achieve a successful registration, thereby saving us time and unnecessary cost.
We know we can always rely on Janette and Forresters to give us the advice we need to keep building our portfolio of exclusively branded decorative surfaces.

Ian Foster, Joint Managing Director, Blackheath Products Ltd

NeuroPro AG, Virtually Live, The Brain Forum

Neuropro Virtually Live and The Bbrain Forum logos

In the latter years of my life in technology and innovation, I have focussed on managing ideas and not people.  I have sought to work with self-organized, self-propelled, loosely coupled and exceptional pools of talent to create some outstanding innovations.

I needed exceptionally smart patent lawyers who could work in the chaos of disruptive technical innovations – to pick out the IP value “on-the-fly” and turn the IP into an asset.  They need to work seamlessly and efficiently with us.

Over 50 patents later, I couldn’t have found a more smart or talented team of IP lawyers like Lloyd Hoarton and James Cornford of Forresters. They never cease to amaze me with the speed at which they grasp a concept and how quickly they point me to where the IP value lies. It’s a real pleasure and honour to work with such exceptional talented professionals and great guys too. I enjoy every discussion and always come out richer with constructive take-home ideas.

Thank you for the nearly decade and a half of amazing partnership.

Dr Jamil El-Imad – Chief Scientist, NeuroPro
Chief Scientist, Virtually Live
CEO, The BrainForum

Marxman Ltd

My invention career was made possible by the people I chose to have around me: above all, nice people with a strong belief in fairness (even if to their own deficit); and then to be the best at what they do.

Andy Harding has both of these assets in abundance, with the uncanny ability to fully understand any idea I can throw at him. You can talk to Andy as a friend from the outset. Andy will listen to your ideas, hopes and concerns intently. Andy will be honest and truthfully blunt with his view of how, and sometimes even whether, to proceed. Andy will advise you on spending your money as if it were his own.

Martin Chard, Director, Marxman Ltd

Aeromet International Ltd

Aeromet International Limited (“Aeromet”) has used the services of Dr Mark Connell of Forresters IP LLP “Forresters” for several years to obtain and maintain patents in relation to the A20X alloy family.

Given that Aeromet are a small company (circa 250 employees) with very limited experience in the field of patents, it was imperative that a suitably qualified and experienced lawyer was chosen to support Aeromet through the process of filing, obtaining and managing patents. Dr Connell and his colleagues have fully satisfied Aeromet’s expectations in this regard and the objectives have been met.

Aeromet continues to work with Dr Connell and his colleagues at Forresters and has no hesitation in recommending their services to prospective clients.

Adam Smith, Group Commercial Manager, Aeromet International Ltd

Slinks Ltd

Slinks Ltd. first started working with Alex at Forresters at the beginning of 2007. They were the people I first approached when my idea was a sketch on a piece of paper. Alex has guided me through a number of issues over the years in an honest, direct and understandable way. Coming from a design background it is sometimes difficult to grasp patents, trademarks, design protection rights and other vital aspects of running a company with a unique idea. Somehow I understand it all! It has been an absolute pleasure working with Alex, he is highly professional but very personable at the same time. I would not hesitate to recommend him.

Jane Rafter, Director, Slinks Ltd

SEL Environmental Ltd.

We are very extremely impressed with the service Jack has provided.

The amount of work you have put in such a short amount of time to meet the deadline is greatly appreciated. – Very prompt and professional, – well done!

Andy Shuttleworth, Managing Director – SEL Environmental Ltd.

Ben Shuttleworth, Product Development Manager

Cavern City Tours Ltd

The Cavern Club Liverpool celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2017. Over the past 25 years we have spent a lot of time developing and protecting the Cavern Club brand in over 40 territories. Trade Mark registration has been an essential part of that development. For the past 10 years we have been guided in the most professional manner through the detail of IP by Forresters. Their input into the protection and care for the Cavern Club brand has been colossal. Not only are they first class Attorneys, they are nice people to deal with.

Dave Jones, Director  – Cavern City Tours Ltd

Quantum Technology Hub Sensors and Timing

Quantum Technology Hub Sensors and Timing

I am really pleased to have Jagvir advising the UK Quantum Technology Hub Sensors and Timing. Jagvir provides extremely useful inputs via our advisory boards and has played a key role in shaping our IP strategy in a most professional way. Jagvir pro-actively engages beyond the day-to-day tasks and has made many introductions contributing to the industry engagement successes of the Hub. On a personal level, I deeply appreciate Jagvir’s ability to explain IP to the non-expert, providing many eye-opening moments allowing me to understand and develop an IP strategy for my specific needs.

Professor Kai Bongs

Director of the UK Quantum Technology Hub Sensors and Timing

Firstmark Consultancy Ltd

We would highly recommend Forresters for a highly efficient, fast and friendly service.

They managed to prepare and file for patent protection on an important new project for us quickly after placing our order. The project needed to be delivered quickly, and still they took the time to initially understand our business and the specific project. The document perfectly captured what we were trying to convey in all aspects leaving us confident that we will soon have a granted patent covering this important project!

The advice we received was commercially focussed and we look forward to working with Forresters again in the near future.

James Kelsey, Managing Director – Firstmark Consultancy Ltd

Ingenious Locks & Hardware

Choosing Forresters was a successful move for Ingenious. Having only limited knowledge of IP strategy, during the last 3 years our contact, Jagvir (Dr Jagvir Purewal), has proven to be invaluable, with his vast knowledge and willingness to understand what we were trying to achieve. Jagvir has guided us through the legal jargon and has successfully secured IP on many of our product designs and continues to work closely with us on new ones.

Stuart Carpenter, Technical Director – Ingenious Locks & Hardware


Forresters has been incredibly supportive of BiSN since day one. David Murphy has guided us through, not only the patent minefield, but all other aspects of Intellectual Property, including copyright and trade marks.

IP and the associated costs of patent filing can prove hugely restrictive for entrepreneurs and start-up companies. However, David’s advice and practical approach has resulted in us being able to file over 55 patent applications in more than a dozen countries, over the past seven years. That is an invaluable result for a company like BiSN and we are delighted with the service Forresters has provided.

Paul Carragher, Chief Executive – BiSN

Capsicum Re

Over the last 7 years Capsicum in its various guises has used Matthew Shaw and his team at Forresters to support, advise and protect the rights we have built up in brands and intellectual property. From advising on brand ideas, clearance on these brands through to complicated patent advice, applications and then ongoing management of these rights, I have found Forresters and Matt’s team to be professional, timely and great value. I am proud to describe Forresters as a trusted partner and look forward to many more opportunities to work together.

Rupert Swallow, Chief Executive Officer – Capsicum Re

East End Foods Plc

My company employs Forresters’ services in relation to IP Protection and registration. We work closely with Matthew Shaw who is ethical and knowledgeable in his approach, to ensure my company and its brand and IP remain protected in the imitative, challenging global competitive environment.

Jason Wouhra, Director and Company Secretary – East End Foods Plc

Manuscript Pen Company Ltd

Manuscript chose to work with Forresters to help guide our company during an important transitional phase. As we go through an exciting period of worldwide growth it is vital to ensure our brand is fully protected.

Our primary contact has been Matthew Shaw, and he has ensured very efficient handling of all matters from trade mark registration (domestic and international) through to advice on product copyright.
We are grateful to Matthew and his team and will doubtless continue calling on his and their expertise for years to come.

Charles Stockbridge, Managing Director – Manuscript Pen Company Ltd

Chase Distillery Ltd

We have always found Forresters to be commercially minded, very competent and timely in looking after our intellectual property which is so important to our business.

Chase Distillery Ltd

Brabham Branding Ltd

Forresters have been looking after our trade marks for a number of years and we couldn’t be happier with the service, dedication and professionalism they provide. As I have a global brand which is very personal, I have to be sure it is well protected and using Forresters gives me that comfort.

David Brabham, Director – Brabham Branding Ltd