Photo of Target Sports Swiss Point®  system used in PDC World Darts Championship

Target Sports Swiss Point® system used in PDC World Darts Championship


As the final of the PDC World Darts Championship approaches, we’re taking a look at the patented technology that has been featured at this prestigious event.

Forresters have worked with renowned darts manufacturers, Target Sports Ltd, for over 35 years, assisting them with a range of patent applications in multiple territories around the world. One such patented innovation is Target’s Swiss Point®, an interchangeable system allowing the user to customise the dart point’s length, style and colour in seconds, as well as allowing for rapid replacement of broken tips.

While replaceable dart tips have been designed before, many of these designs were impractical, and did not see widespread use. Target’s design includes inclined surfaces to lock the tip firmly in place, as well as a deliberate weakened groove on the tip, ensuring that in the event of a breakage, the tip can still be replaced easily.

This innovative system has been utilised in competitions by some of the world’s top darts players, including Scott Williams, who used Swiss Point® darts in this year’s PDC World Darts Championship semi-final. Target also produces darts for commercial sale based on the darts used by another of this year’s semi-finalists, Rob “Voltage” Cross, as well as finalist “The Nuke” Luke Littler, which are sold as standard with Target’s patented Swiss Point® system.

Forresters have now obtained patents covering the Swiss Point® design for Target Sports Ltd in the UK, Europe and the US. The design has been commercially successful, and Forresters have also helped Target to stop unauthorised copies of their products.

We spoke to Chris Kearney, Commercial Director at Target Sports Ltd, ahead of tonight’s final, who said: “At Target Darts, we are aware that dart players are increasingly reliant on the incremental gains that we can deliver through equipment innovation. We work hard to seek technological improvements, and have been delighted to work with Forresters to protect the Intellectual Property invested in our Swiss Point® system.”

Partner Alex Beattie, who has worked closely with Target, told us: “Target is a long-standing and valued client of the firm, and it is great to see the Target name on the shirt of “The Nuke” Luke Littler in this year’s PDC World Championship final. We are also very happy to see Target’s patented “Swiss Point®” technology being utilised by top players on the global stage, including at this year’s semi-final.

“Forresters has worked with Target for many years on trade mark, patent and design matters and we love to see them go from strength to strength. I have a Target dart board in my house, but I have some work to do before I get to the level of Target’s sponsored players…”

We look forward to enjoying this evening’s final, and wish both competitors the very best of luck.

®Swiss Point is a registered trade mark of Target Sports Limited.

Swiss Point® by Target Sports.