Promotions and exam success for trainees and associates at Forresters


We continue to celebrate recent exam success and promotion news.

The news was welcomed by all staff that Emily Brunton, Kate Selwyn and Dr Rosalie Shepherd, who are already UK qualified associates, passed their European Qualifying Examinations (EQEs) to become fully qualified European patent attorneys. At the same time trainees Beth Campbell and Dr Ryan Mitchell passed their UK finals and EQEs to also become dual UK and European patent attorneys and associates.

Emily, who is based in our Liverpool office, said: “I am thrilled to have passed the EQEs this year. After the cancellation of the exams last year, it is a huge relief to have now passed all four exams, and to qualify as a European Patent Attorney.” Working at the firm’s Munich office is Beth Campbell who said: “After four years of working in the patent profession, I’m very happy to have passed all of my EQE final exams and to now be a fully qualified UK and European patent attorney.”

Ryan, who works in our  London office, said: “After five years of working at Forresters, numerous exams and a global pandemic, I am delighted to have passed all of my EQE final exams. Exam preparation is never easy, but adding a year’s long delay due to Covid-induced cancellation of the 2020 exams and a new online 2021 exam format to the mix made the preparations all the more challenging. Thus, I am very happy to have come out the other side a qualified UK and European patent attorney. Congratulations to all my colleagues also celebrating exam passes.”

Also based in our London office are Kate Selwyn and Dr Rosalie Shepherd. Kate said: “I am delighted to have passed all of my EQE exams thereby qualifying as a European Patent Attorney. It has been a difficult 18 months with the cancellation of the exams in 2020 due to Covid-19, having to revise for the exams whilst the UK was in lockdown, and having to adapt to the new online format of the exams.  Therefore, I am very pleased to have passed all the exams despite the challenging circumstances.” Rosalie said: “I am thrilled to have passed all of the EQE final exams and to now be a qualified European Patent Attorney. Sitting the exams during lockdown and getting to grips with the technology requirements that came with sitting the exams online added an extra challenge, and needless to say it is such a relief to have passed.”

Four other trainees have also enjoyed success in their recent exams. Alexandra Wood from our London office has successfully passed three of her EQE exams. Nikita Meek, and Robert Smith also from our London office, as well as Ian Duncan from our Birmingham office, took their European Qualifying Pre-examinations (pre-EQEs).

Matt Shaw, managing partner, said the firm was delighted with the recent results and promotions. “All our trainees are a credit to the firm and they have worked hard to achieve these passes and promotions,” he said. “As they build on their achievements, they also contribute to the continued success of Forresters as we move into a new post-Brexit, post-Covid era where the service we provide for our clients continues to be world class. We wish them all every success in their careers as they continue to develop their skills and experience at Forresters.”