Patents – Technology & Engineering

We offer a complete patent service and can work with you from the design stage, through to production and exploitation of your innovation. We can help you to secure a patent in Europe, the UK and in most countries around the world and, once granted, we can also help manage the maintenance of your patents. We can advise you how to avoid patent infringement and we can challenge your competitors’ patents, to remove them entirely or reduce their scope to avoid infringement. We can also defend your patents when competitors challenge them.

Our attorneys in the technology and engineering team operate in diverse technical fields, ranging in physical scale from nano-technologies through to large-scale mining and construction industries.  Our telecommunications experts work with physicists and electronic engineers to ring-fence valuable patent portfolios.  We protect intellectual property in the software and computer-implemented invention domains, and we enjoy the challenges presented by the various intellectual property offices around the world.

We cooperate seamlessly with our life science and chemical colleagues, on the increasing number of hybrid inventions which bridge our respective areas of expertise.

We can protect your core technologies using our broad and solid technical and legal expertise. Our portfolios cover aerospace engineering, physics, packaging, medical devices, electronic engineering, artificial intelligence, cyber security, telecommunications, production engineering, additive manufacturing, bearings, scaffolding, ejection seats and automotive parts, to name but a few.