Patents – Chemistry

The Chemistry practice group at Forresters comprises 4 fully qualified patent attorneys, as well as a number of trainees. We represent clients before the European Patent Office (EPO) as well as the UK Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO). Through our network of associates, we also have the resources to manage our clients’ global portfolios.

We have expertise in a wide range of chemistry fields ranging from small molecules, industrial products, catalysis, coating compositions, batteries, nanotechnology and metallurgy. We work closely with our Life Sciences team on cross-over inventions when both chemistry and life sciences knowledge is needed. All of our attorneys have a technical background in chemistry to at least degree level, with some of us also having a doctorate.

With the increasing number of chemistry patent applications being filed each year it is more important than ever to have expert representation in this field. Our attorneys have experience and training specifically in the field of chemical inventions, to give our clients the highest chances of success in obtaining patents for their technology.

Securing patents in this field in Europe can be challenging due to the specific guidelines and case law for claiming chemical inventions. We are expert in navigating European patent law and obtaining commercially useful patents for our clients, handling all stages of the process, from drafting through prosecution, grant, and validation.

Once your patent is granted, the story may of course not end there. We also have substantial expertise in handling post-grant proceedings, particularly EPO opposition and appeal proceedings (both defending and opposing). As we are a full service team we can also assist by preparing opinions on potential patent infringement, freedom to operate, and due diligence.