Patents – Chemistry

Whether it be optimising a process, finding a new use for a compound, or developing a new formulation, patents provide protection for a broad range of chemical innovations. In emerging fields of Chemistry, there are great opportunities for utilising patent protection, for example:

  • sodium batteries – protecting a more sustainable form of energy storage with the potential to increase usage of renewable energy sources;
  • nanozymes – protecting customizable nanomaterials with the characteristics of natural enzymes for use in a wide range of applications, particularly in healthcare;
  • aerogels – protecting ultralight, porous materials for use in applications ranging from environmental remediation to biomedical technologies;
  • fluorescent sensors – protecting film-based fluorescent sensors for uses such as detecting pollutants or pathogens;
  • solar fuels – protecting energy-rich substances, made using solar energy, with applications as fuels;
  • nanoparticle megalibraries – protecting arrays of nanoparticles for high-throughput synthesis and screening;
  • fibre-based batteries  – protecting battery fabrics for applications in fields such as wearable electronics;
  • textile displays – protecting flexible displays made from fibres capable of emitting light;
  • rational vaccines with SNA – protecting spherical nucleic acids for use as vaccines or in immunotherapeutic applications; and
  • VR-enabled modelling – protecting VR technology for use in molecular modelling.

The chemistry practice group at Forresters assists clients in obtaining patents for their innovations before the European Patent Office (EPO), the UK Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO), and the German Patent and Trademark Office (DMPA). We also have the resources, through our network of associates, to manage our clients’ global patent portfolios.

All of our attorneys have a technical background in chemistry and, as a group, we have expertise in a wide range of chemical fields. In particular, our attorneys draft and prosecute patents in fields ranging from small molecules, industrial products, catalysis, coating compositions, batteries, nanotechnology, pharmaceuticals and analytical chemistry to metallurgy. We also work closely with our life sciences practice group on cross-over inventions, where both chemistry and life sciences knowledge is needed.

Our expertise in the field of chemical inventions, and navigating chemistry-specific European patent law, gives our clients the highest chance of success in obtaining commercially useful patents for their technologies.

We handle all stages of the patenting process, from drafting through to prosecution, grant, and validation. We also have substantial expertise in handling post-grant proceedings, particularly EPO opposition and appeal proceedings, and preparing opinions on patentability, potential patent infringement, freedom to operate, and due diligence.