Designs & Copyright

The value of designs (registered or unregistered) and copyright can often be overlooked when advising on how best to protect a new idea.  In contrast to patents (which typically protect the way in which something works) and trade marks (which protect brand names and logos) design rights protect the appearance of products and other articles.

In today’s design-conscious environment, the ability to protect the appearance of original products can be crucial to the success of a business.  Whether the design is of an industrial component or an artistic creation, we can advise on the best way to defend it against competitors.

Design registrations can be relatively quick and inexpensive to obtain, and in certain circumstances they can be very useful in preventing others from commercialising products having the same or a similar appearance.

Design registrations are often best used in combination with other intellectual property rights, and we can show you how to implement such strategies.  For example, design registrations can often be used to good effect in combination with the related areas of unregistered design right and copyright.