Dr Jack Gunning


UK Chartered Patent Attorney
European Patent Attorney
Unified Patent Court Representative


Call: +44 (0) 121 236 0484
Email: jgunning@forresters-ip.com
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Office Location: Birmingham

Jack primarily works on UK and European patent application drafting and prosecution as well as the prosecution of foreign patent applications. Additionally, he is involved in European opposition and appeal cases, patent infringement and entitlement opinions, clearance work, and restoration cases.

Work highlights

Jack works with clients throughout the world and has drafted and obtained granted patents in most major countries, including the UK, Europe, USA, China, Japan, Canada, Korea, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the UAE.

His experience also includes freedom to operate opinions, European opposition and appeal cases, patent infringement and entitlement opinions, and restoration cases.

Technical specialism

Jack’s technical expertise and ability is uncommonly broad, spanning wet chemistry through to mechanical devices and electronics.  Jack is therefore often called upon to advise where patent expertise and an understanding of multiple technology areas is required, for example in inventions relating to a combination of chemistry, optics, and biotechnology; inventions relating to materials, holography, and computing; inventions relating to fire suppression and electricity distribution; and in inventions relating to materials and medical applications.

His broad knowledge and experience is particularly suited to the energy sector, and he has specific experience in oil and gas; electricity distribution; photo-voltaics; fuel cells; and batteries.

He also works in semi-conductors, particularly organic semi-conductors; nanotechnology; graphene; OLEDs; ceramics; glass compositions and manufacturing methods; catalysis; water purification; lighting devices and luminaries; concrete; carbon sequestration; medical devices; infant products; steel refining; non-woven fabrics; nutrition; and building construction.

Education & Training

Jack has a Master’s and a Doctorate in Chemistry. His doctorate focused on the synthesis of materials for organic electronic devices.

He teaches trainee patent attorneys on commercial JDD revision courses relating to European patent law (Paper D and the pre-EQE) and UK patent law (FC1).

Jack’s Clients

His client base includes large corporate clients with and without their own in-house patent attorneys, SMEs, start-ups, and foreign patent attorneys.

Jack has strong and long-lasting relationships with clients, supporting them strategically and with ongoing patent requirements. Clients describe him as “extremely impressive”, “prompt”, “professional”, and “easy to work with”.

Personal Interests

Jack is married with two sons. Jack watches all the cricket (YOU BEARS) with his eldest and practises magic with his youngest.