Partners celebrate World Science Day


Here at Forresters, we are marking World Science Day for Peace and Development, which is celebrated each year on November 10th – and the theme for 2021 is ‘Building climate-ready communities’. The majority of our partners have a background in chemistry, physics or biochemistry and enjoy working with innovative scientists that are developing eco-friendly products and inventions.

With qualifications in chemistry are partners Dr Jack Gunning and Dr Mark Connell in our Birmingham office, Chris Bond in our London office and Dr Matt Barton in our Munich office. Matt said: “Forresters is an international firm, and we are able to work with some incredible scientists that are making great strides forward with green technologies. One of the best things about working as a patent attorney is being involved in some amazing inventions that are changing our world for the better. By protecting their intellectual property, scientists can be confident that R&D efforts haven’t been wasted and their product is both marketable and more attractive when applying for funding.”

Partners that studied physics at university are Emma Johnson in our Birmingham office and Alex Beattie, who is based in London. Alex said: “Forresters is eco-conscious and that is one of the reasons why earlier this year we moved our London office to the Gherkin, which is renowned for being more environmentally friendly. This iconic tower has some excellent energy-saving methods, such as natural ventilation to cut down on air conditioning as well as natural insulation with air sandwiched between layers of glass. The building is so light and bright, and the sunlight doesn’t just make it a pleasing work environment, it also cuts down on office lighting.

“At Forresters, we believe that technology has a vital part to play in the change to a climate-friendly world. Emerging technologies such as solar, wind and nuclear power have allowed us to make significant moves away from fossil fuels, and I am sure that when we finally solve the riddle of nuclear fusion that we will have abundant, clean power. Further technologies like lab-grown meat will allow us to provide protein for a growing population in a way that is safe and ethical, while massively reducing land use, carbon emissions and use of antibiotics. Technologies like these will allow humanity to grow and flourish without requiring huge personal sacrifices. Working with inventors and companies that pioneer technologies of this kind is very rewarding.”

Our partners with a background in biochemistry are Jenny Donald, Jon Gowshall and Charlotte Teall from our London office, as well as Ross Walker in our Liverpool office. Ross said: “Another way that we are meeting our eco-friendly objectives is by improving our video conferencing capabilities. We work with businesses and entrepreneurs across the country and video meetings aren’t just convenient, they mean fewer car journeys. By improving our conferencing technology we are showing clients that we have the flexibility to not only do what is easiest for them, but also help them reach their own environmental goals.”

World Science Day for Peace and Development focuses on the important role of science in society, and the need to engage the public in debates on emerging scientific issues, and this year focuses on environmental issues. Also, the current United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow is seeing world leaders and other delegates gathering together to discuss global climate action.

Managing partner Matt Shaw studied chemistry at university before becoming a trainee patent attorney. Although the majority of his practice now covers trade marks, he still works with many businesses, inventors and entrepreneurs that are at the forefront of scientific innovation. “Scientists play an important role in helping us understand more about the health of our planet and how we can make societies more sustainable,” said Matt, who is based in our Birmingham office. “Having in-depth knowledge in these areas ourselves is seen as a real asset. It is exciting to work with scientists that are pushing the boundaries by creating inventions, products and technologies that could be the solution to some of our planet’s environmental problems. Forresters is proud to support World Science Day, which reinforces to us all the importance of science – especially when it comes to the health of our planet.”