Photo of COP27: technologies addressing the fight against climate change – green construction

COP27: technologies addressing the fight against climate change – green construction


As we enter the second week of the COP27 climate change conference we continue to celebrate our cleantech clients developing important environmentally friendly innovations.

The built environment contributes some 40% of the UK’s carbon emissions and the construction sector contributes up to 11% of global carbon emissions, so there is increasing demand for “green construction” – sustainable construction and building design.

Concrete is a massive (and often overlooked) CO2 emitter, so construction companies – aware of the impact of their environmental performance – are shifting to using more sustainable materials as part of a greater focus on reducing emissions and protecting our planet.

Our client Econpro has long been a pioneer in green construction. The company manufactures sustainable road kerbs and drainage solutions using recycled polymers, providing the construction industry with a sustainable alternative to traditional concrete products. Product innovations include their lightweight, award-winning kerb, Durakerb; their heavy-duty combined kerb and drainage system, Duradrain; and their heavy-duty linear surface drainage system, Durachannel.

In addition to being created out of high recycled plastic content and having low carbon outputs, these Dura Products require little energy use during transportation and installation, thanks to their lightweight composition. They also have unlimited end-of-life potential; as each unit can be reused, recycled and carbon recovered. These lightweight recycled kerbs and systems therefore provide a safer, greener, faster and easier solution to kerbing, and kerbside/surface drainage.

Econpro’s ambition to help the global construction industry lower its environmental footprint has seen the company expand into territories across Europe; with Duradrain now installed in 12 countries across Europe.

Closer to home Dura Products’ sustainable credentials have caught the eye of a wide range of organisations, from institutions such as Merseyside Police HQ, to internationally recognised brands, such as Costa Coffee and McDonald’s, the latter of which installed Durakerb as part of the UK’s first net-zero carbon restaurant – a historic step for green construction in the UK.

Other notable installations include the biggest single infrastructural investment ever undertaken in County Mayo, Ireland. The 20.3km dual carriageway formed part of Wills Bam JV’s €241 million N5 upgrade project. Meanwhile, in Landgraaf, Netherlands, Dura Products solutions were used to install a safe cycle lane running adjacent to a key stretch of road.

Over the years Forresters have worked with Econpro to secure IP protection for a range of their green innovations, including important patents relating to their Durakerb and Duradrain product lines.

Phil Sutton, Founder of Econpro, said: “Our products are the example of what modern construction can be and should be – environmentally responsible. By contributing some 40% of UK’s carbon emissions, the built environment has a long way to go, but we hope our green solutions demonstrate a low carbon industry is possible. We are grateful to Forresters for over 20 years of support and expertise on patent protection for our products, and are looking forward to many more.