Overseas Associates

We have an exceptional network of overseas associates, spanning all corners of the globe.  We have worked extremely hard to build up these trusted partnerships through decades of reciprocal work, and by taking the time to make personal visits in their home territories.

Our associates range from small ‘boutique’ firms through to some of the world’s biggest law firms, meaning that we are able to work with those who we think will be the best ‘fit’ with a given client’s requirements.  What unites them all, though, is the personal and commercial rapport which we strive to develop.

We are also delighted to work on their behalf, in the UK, EU and elsewhere – always adopting the ‘Clear Direction’ ethos which is so important to us.  Because we know that our associates’ ‘end clients’ can have their own demands and requirements, too, we are always happy to consider changes in how we correspond, how (and when) we issue invoices, structure our advice and the like.