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Kate Selwyn

G4/19 – EPO confirms their position on double patenting

Double patenting, as the name suggests, refers to obtaining two or more patents for the same subject-matter.  Double patenting applies …

Post-published data to support an inventive step: possible Enlarged Board of Appeal referral

A new referral is expected to the Enlarged Board of Appeal – the highest level of independent judicial authority at …

Changes to sequence listing format at WIPO in 2022

Where patent applications involve sequence information, such as nucleotide or amino acid sequences of genes, the patent application should usually …

UPC Update – July 2021

The Unified Patent Court (UPC), if implemented, will provide a common international court for litigating European patents in participating EU …

Dr Ryan Mitchell

Antibody inventions – insight provided by latest EPO Guidelines

The latest version of the EPO Guidelines contains, for the first time, a specific section on antibody inventions providing insight …

The Artist Banksy

Interplay between Bad Faith and Intention to Use a Trademark in the EU

In September 2020, the European Union Intellectual …

Chris Bond

Sufficiency of Second Medical Use Claims – T 2015/20

An examining division (ED) at the European Patent Office (EPO) refused European patent application no. 15173011.6 on the grounds that …

Beth Campbell

Novelty based on the purity of a chemical compound in Europe


In decision T 1085/13 dated 9 November 2018, the Board of Appeal decided that a claim defining a compound

Beth Campbell

Stricter conformity of patent specifications at the EPO


The European patent office (EPO) published new Guidelines for Examination (“Guidelines”), which came into force on 1 March 2021.