Patenting renewable energy technology across the globe – Kirloskar Energen Private Ltd

Photo of Patenting renewable energy technology across the globe – Kirloskar Energen Private Ltd


We have been advising Kirloskar Energen Private Limited on IP matters since the company was in its infancy.  Our client’s business is built around a new type of hydroelectric turbine that they developed. The turbine is designed for use worldwide but it has particular benefits in developing countries due to its low installation and operating costs.


To secure patent protection quickly in key markets to enable our client to obtain investment, expand their business and bring their invention to market.

Action Taken

We drafted and filed a patent application and secured patent protection for the invention in the UK.  We made use of the Green Channel acceleration procedure at the UKIPO to obtain the granted patent as quickly as possible. A corresponding international (PCT) application was filed to seek patent protection around the world.

Forresters developed a filing strategy to protect the invention in the key countries and regions for our client.  We then coordinated the filing of corresponding national and regional patent applications in Europe, USA, Canada, China, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Thailand, Africa (OAPI and ARIPO), Angola, Brazil, Chile, Indonesia, Vietnam, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Georgia and Eurasia.

Where possible, we used the Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) to smooth the way for patents to be granted quickly and at minimal cost, based on the protection already secured in the UK.


We secured patent protection for our client in a wide range of different countries across the globe to protect our client’s invention in their key markets.

Kirloskar Energen Private Limited were represented by Forresters attorney Dan Rusby-Gale