Trainee Attorneys

Patent Attorneys: Do I need a science or engineering background to train as a patent attorney?
Yes. A background, usually a degree, in a science or engineering subject is a requirement to qualify as a Chartered Patent Attorney or a European Patent Attorney.

Do I need a PhD?
Not necessarily. We look for candidates with a strong technical background who are able to clearly communicate complex ideas. Can you explain your final year project or your PhD research to a non-technical audience?

Trade Mark Attorneys: What do I need to train as a trade mark attorney?

An undergraduate degree is required to train as a trade mark attorney. Whilst there is no specific technical background needed, a law degree can be beneficial. Alternatively, candidates can begin training as a trade mark attorney after a number of years’ work experience within the profession.

What do you look for in a CV?
Being a patent or trade mark attorney requires accuracy and clarity, and your CV is your first chance to show these skills. Make sure your CV is grammatically correct and there are no spelling errors. Your CV should also be complete, with no gaps in time, and of course should be truthful. An ability in another language is not essential, but is an advantage.

Should I attach a photograph?
No. Please do not send a photograph as part of your application.

Do you offer work experience?
We are unfortunately rarely able to offer work experience placements or internships.

When will I hear from you?
We try to acknowledge all CVs when they are received. If a vacancy arises, we review the most recent CVs and also contact applicants who sent a relevant CV in the previous few months to see if they are still interested in applying.

We welcome speculative applications for trainee attorney positions, in all our offices. Please send your current CV and a covering letter by email to our HR Department on

We take the privacy and security of your data seriously, so if you wish to send in your CV speculatively or in response to an advertised vacancy, all information provided will be stored and processed in line with our Data Protection Policy and is protected under provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998/GDPR 2016/679. If your application is unsuccessful we will delete your personal data from our systems within one year of application. Please email if you would like to request that your data be deleted sooner. You can view our Privacy Notice here for further information.